What is Pintact?

Pintact is a new mobile and web based application – a "social utility" – that enables easy entry of personal and business contact information which is always accessible and always up to date. By creating a unique, easy to remember PIN, you can download and exchange contact profiles with other members of the Pintact community.

How much does Pintact cost?

The Pintact app and personal membership are absolutely free!

How do I join Pintact?

The free Pintact app for iPhone is available on the App Store. An Android version will be available from Google Play. You can also join Pintact on the web at

Is Pintact safe and secure to use?

Yes. Pintact was specifically developed to enhance users' privacy. With Pintact, you are in control of your contact information by creating your own unique profiles. You determine what information you want to share and with whom. You can be searchable in the Pintact directory, or you can choose to remain anonymous – it's completely up to you.

The mobile and web applications are password protected and all the information resides on secure servers with HTTPS data encryption.

The user retains control of personal information through the creation of one or more profiles and the ability to share (or not) that contact data with other members.

Will my contact information be shared by Pintact with third parties?

No. Pintact will never share any personal information about any of its users with any third party. Read our Privacy Policy.

Will I receive spam messages when I become a Pintact user?

Pintact values your privacy above all. Any communication which you receive as a function of your being a Pintact member will only follow your specifically requesting to receive that information ("opting-in").

How do I create or change my profiles?

During initial registration, you are prompted to create a profile that you can choose to share with other Pintact members. This profile can contain as much or as little contact information as you want. You can include a digital photo and even notes that will be shared with your Pintacts. Remember, you control what you want to share and with whom.

You can create as many additional profiles as you like from the Profiles dashboard. Make one or more and call them: Home, Work, School, Club, Team, Vacation, Complete, Personal, etc. – it's up to you!

And whenever you change information in any of your profiles, that information will be automatically updated for anyone with whom you've shared that profile. They will be notified a change was made, and what information was updated.

How am I searchable in Pintact?

On the "Settings" page, you can select the information by which you can be searched. At a minimum this will include your PIN. This may also include your NAME, TITLE, COMPANY, CITY, and STATE. You can also choose a digital image to appear in your search result.

If you choose to remain anonymous or "unlisted" you will be searchable only by your PIN.

How do I add a Pintact?

From the left deck navigation menu, select "ADD PINTACT" or tap the "+" symbol from your Pintacts list. Type the name or PIN of the person you want to add. As the search results appear, select the user you're looking for and press "ADD." Choose your profiles that you want to share, and select "SHARE PROFILES." The person you want to exchange contact information with will be notified. If that person also wants you as a Pintact, he or she will accept your invite, and your contact information will be securely and automatically exchanged.

If I share multiple profiles, which of my data will be displayed in others' contact lists?

If you share multiple profiles with different photo images, Company Names, and/or Title fields, the image and data from the first profile you select to share (marked with the number 1) will be displayed in your Pintact entry in others' lists.

How can I invite others to join Pintact?

When you register with Pintact, users are asked to consider inviting friends and colleagues from their existing contact lists to become Pintact members. Users can select all, none, or specific contacts (only those contacts with a valid e-mail address can be invited). You can return to this invite screen from the "Invite a Friend" section on the Settings menu.

What about all my contacts in my existing phone directory?

You can show your existing iPhone contacts in the Pintacts list (Left Nav > Settings > Show iPhone Contacts). Once selected, you can invite new users to join directly from the Pintact list so you can automatically share and update your contact information (and they can share and update theirs).

Can I move my Pintacts into my existing phone directory?

Yes, your Pintacts can be exported into your iPhone Contacts list. Please note that if you make any changes to the Pintact entry in your native contact list, those changes may be lost if that Pintact updates his or her profiles.

Can I delete a Pintact?

Yes, you can delete a Pintact. However, be aware that your contact information will also be deleted from that Pintact's directory.

How do I label my Pintacts?

Assign a Label to a specific Pintact by tapping EDIT in the "Label" section of the detail screen. You can create one or more custom Labels (or categories) for each of your Pintacts, such as FAMILY, FRIENDS, COWORKERS, SCHOOL, TEAM, CLUB, FRATERNITY, SORORITY, etc. Group members joined with Group PIN will automatically be labeled with the Group Name.

Can I make notes about my Pintacts?

"NOTES" are notes created and shared by the owner of the profile. They can only be edited by that Pintact.

"PERSONAL NOTES" are private notes that you create about your Pintacts. They are visible only to you and will not be shared.

How can I sort my Pintacts?

By assigning "LABELS" to your Pintacts, they can be sorted into different categories such as FAMILY, FRIENDS, COWORKERS, SCHOOL, TEAM, CLUB, FRATERNITY, SORORITY, etc. From the left deck navigation dashboard, when you select "LABELS" and choose a category, all your Pintacts with that label will automatically be listed in the order they were initially entered.

How can I introduce my Pintacts to one another?

Pintact allows you to privately and securely introduce your Pintacts to one another using our Pintroduce function. Simply choose one Pintact, press the arrow button at the top right of the screen and search for the other Pintact you want to introduce. You can send both invitees a customized message or use our preprogrammed message. Note that for privacy reasons you will not be notified if the two Pintacts actually exchange contact information.

What is a Group PIN and how do I create one?

The Pintact Group PIN function allows participants in a meeting, team, club or any other group to exchange profiles with one another automatically and securely.

The group leader selects the "Create a Group" button which generates a 7 character PIN preceded by the & sign. The leader applies a "Group Name" and also chooses an expiration time for the PIN, ranging between 1 hour and 1 month. The other members of the group then add the PIN and select which profile or profiles they want to share with all other group members.

Once processed, all members will now have each of the other members' profiles accessible in the "Labels" section of the left deck navigation menu. By selecting the group name, all the members of the group are then listed. You can then add the members you want to your Pintact list.

Can I import Group PIN members into my Pintact list?

For your convenience, all group members are automatically imported into your Pintact list and labelled with the group name.

Why am I receiving notifications?

Many of the actions you initiate, or are the recipient of, in Pintact are recorded under the Notifications section. For example, you will be notified when a Pintact accepts your profile or makes any change to their contact information. This way you remain up to date and aware of the data exchange.

How do I change my password?

If you want to change your password, go to the "SETTINGS" page and select the "CHANGE PASSWORD" option. Enter your old password, select a new one and then hit SUBMIT. Your new password is now active.

Does the website sync up with my phone?

Yes, all the contact information on your mobile Pintact App is available on the website and vice versa.

If I lose my phone, do I lose all my Pintacts?

Good news! Your Pintact connections are seamlessly and automatically stored in Pintact's secure cloud servers. Thus, the information is always available to you 24/7/365.